Hi, I'm Richard Dunham. Here's some of my stuff on the internet.

Ghibli Minute

My daughter and I host a podcast, Ghibli Minute, in which we discuss the movies of Studio Ghibli, one minute at a time (or minute by minute is another way to say that). You can find it at ghibliminute.com. Many thanks to the guys at Star Wars Minute for inspiration. By the way you can find more podcasts in the same style looking at all kinds of movies at Movies by Minutes.

Akira Minute

Jack Stovold and I are doing the same thing for the landmark 1988 anime Akira. Check it out at akiraminute.com.

Dogra Magra

I am (very slowly) translating Yumeno Kyusaku's 1935 novel Dogra Magra from Japanese into English. You can see the work in progress at dogramagra.wordpress.com.


I have a bunch of story ideas, something between microfiction and writing prompts, at pansophoscope.com.


You can find me on twitter at @dunhamrc.
I'm also dunhamrc on Bluesky.
And on mastodon.social.

My tumblr is mostly cover art of albums I'm listening to.

Check out my movie watching on letterboxd.